“They offer excellent service!! I love that I get a report with every visit that includes pictures of my pets. I feel confident leaving my pets and allowing the sitters inside my home; something that is very hard to do nowadays.” – Jessica (January 2024)
“I absolutely reccomend them. They are really professional and kind. It’s a peace of mind when they take care of our cat.” – Silvia (January 2024)
“Always careful with our loved ones! Helps keep us from worrying about them while we’re away. Thank you!” – Sheila (December 2023)
“This is the most amazing service! They deserve more than 5 stars! Our family was able to enjoy our vacation and know that both of our dogs were well cared for. The communication, attention to detail and the fact that they got to know out dogs and their personalities so well was incredible. Jessica and Julien were the best. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our babies.” – Lyndi (November 2023)
“They did a great job of watching our numerous cats and dogs. They provided photos and detailed, timely and reassuring updates of their visits with our pets. We felt confident in leaving our pets in their care and will use Fuzzy Friends again! We used Fuzzy Friends again and they did a great job of taking care of our pets. They are professional, reliable and personal. Highly recommend!” – Deborah (August 2023)
“Our pet sitter was amazing! She was prompt and gave a full report for each visit. She was extremely attentive to details and made certain to let us know if she had any concerns. She even put out our trash can and put it away without even being asked to do so. We are so thankful for Fuzzy Friends and their wonderful staff!” – Sarah (July 2023)
“Fuzzy Friends Pet Sitters cared twice a day for our cat family, as well as our outside wildlife family, and our home, over Memorial Day weekend. They were very conscientious and took great care of us. We really appreciated their stellar communication with us after every visit through their Time to Pet app. We were able to keep up two-way communication after every visit and they sent us notes and pics of our cats. It was very reassuring. Great Job, Fuzzy Friends!” – Kris (June 2023)
“I am so thankful I found Fuzzy Friends! After a horrible experience with another pet sitter, I was so very nervous trying another service out…but they have been amazing with my two cats, and patient with me, and now I don’t know what I’d do without them!” – Cheryl (June 2023)
“I’ve used Fuzzy Friends service for 3 long vacations and they were great! I feel assured that my dogs and cat are being taken care of, in our own home, and by loving caregivers. I have 3 dogs and a cat, and one of my dogs requires 3 medications, which was no problem. They came to my house for a meet and greet and to go over everything before my first trip. Every day I would get morning and night reports with photos, which was great! I highly recommend this service. Love ’em :)” – Angela (May 2023)
“We totally trust the pet sitters with Fuzzy Friends. They provide not only professional care but get to know our cats and their individual personalities. It is a difficult thing to build trust and confidence with people you don’t know, but it took very little time to realize that our animals and our home were in great hands. They send pictures every day we are gone and a report on how everyone is doing. We highly recommend Fuzzy Friends. A++++ on all counts.” – JH (November 2022)
“I was so grateful for their wonderful care especially for my 16 yr old elderly dog. I definitely recommend this company and will use them again in the future.” – Bruce (February 2023)
“Fuzzy Friends Petsitting has been wonderful. We’ve used them multiple times. Our dogs love the sitters, they give great updates and we feel confident that everything is taken care of while we’re away. I highly recommend.” – Clare (November 2022)
“Fuzzy Friends Petsitting service are amazing! Our senior dachshund and year old kitten where well taken care of while I was away for 10 days. It was obvious our pets enjoyed their visits and this definitely gave me comfort to see them happy and taken care of. I also enjoyed the thoughtful reports and pictures provided after each visit! I will definitely book with them again!” – Stephanie (October 2022)
“My family went out of town for a weekend trip and used Fuzzy Friends Petsitting for the first time. The service was exceptional. They took the time to meet my dogs when we started the service and again before we left on vacation. While on vacation we received updates with photos on each visit. I was so grateful for their wonderful care especially for my 16 yr old elderly dog. I definitely recommend this company and will use them again in the future.” – Kenneth (October 2022)
“I don’t trust anyone else (not even my close neighbors) to pet care my therapy cat! My pet sitter is caring and loving and has such an attention to detail (she could even replace me!) Moreover, she has incredible patience with my cranky cat. You can trust your pets to Fuzzy Friends Petsitting; I won’t rely upon anyone else!” – Gloria (September 2022)
“I LOVE Fuzzy Friends! They are so professional and kind. I love getting photos of my pets every visit and they are really excellent with communication and attention to detail. I’ve used them many times and we have had nothing but positive experiences. I highly recommend them!” – Lea (August 2022)
“They are excellent. They visit once before your trip to get to know your pets and receive the keys. They use a little app (can be accessed on a computer or on your phone) to communicate, for payments, etc. I get two updates a day with photos. They explain everything and the prices and invoices etc. very thoroughly. Very reasonably priced. I plan to use their services again.” – Emily (July 2022)
“This is the second time I have used this wonderful company to take care of my cats. Each visit is complete with a narrative of each cat attitude and behavior. Pictures of each and how well they ate their previous meal. Overall a wonderful service. Each visit Report is sent via email. Mail was picked up and brought in and garbage was put out. This is the best pet sitting service we have ever experience!!!!” – Richard (March 2022)
“Loved the service from these folks, super caring people! My aunt recommended them to us, we had to go out of town for a funeral. We had two ladies alternate days, they kept us updated on all the pets temperaments and picture updates! We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I was surprised to hear that my anti social cat came out to say hi! She sent picture evidence other wise I might not have believed it lol. After this good experience, I trust these guys to watch my pets, it’s a peace of mind knowing that if something happens I can schedule them and my fur babies will be taken care of..” – Faith (January 2022)
“Terri and her team are the best! We have been using her services for the past several years and are always pleased with how well our pets are cared for while we are away. I highly recommend this pet sitting service!” – Desiree (October 2021)
“Best pet sitters we’ve ever had. They do what they say they’re going to do, and I love the pictures from home. I can finally rest easy when we’re away.” – Brenda (September 2021)
“Having consistency with pet sitters is very comforting. Our dogs are familiar with them and I’m sure they appreciate familiar voice and face. We enjoy getting the photos seeing them happy.” – Joyce (September 2021)
“Words can’t express how much Fuzzy Friends mean to my husband and I! A short-notice trip has come up requiring sitting for my fur babies and again, Fuzzy Friends are right there ready to keep an eye on my little ones. By providing updates with photos on what the kitties are doing, and letting me know that their medication was administered successfully, I feel completely at ease leaving my babies in their care. I cannot recommend Fuzzy Friends enough. Wonderful!” – Jill (June 2021)
“We recently had to travel out of State; short notice. We got an immediate response and they were able to accommodate. Our dogs had not been left in the care of others for quite some time. We also have a senior that needed medication. I couldn’t be more pleased with the care they received, and the communication we had with the sitter while we were gone. It’s also a relief to know we now have access to care that is superlative. They also brought in the mail! Highly recommend Fuzzy Friends! I also thought the charges were very reasonable.” – Chris (May 2021)
“I have used the services of Fuzzy Friends for four years when I need to go out of town. Their employees are very responsible and their program is so encompassing. The pet sitter posts their visit online. You see pictures of them eating, playing, and resting, everything you need to know about how they are doing while you are away. Their special website that you can visit daily while you are on your trip is very comforting, like peeking in on your pets! Such a great service! I recommend Fuzzy Friends to anyone!” – Elia (September 2020)
“My request for a pet sitter was very short notice. Fuzzy Friends response was immediate. The pet sitters were friendly, caring, and had me totally at ease that my cat would be well taken care of while I was away recovering from a knee replacement. They showed a sincere interest in my cat, and I received a daily report on and pictures of their daily interactions while at my home. I knew my cat was enjoying their attention, and I actually think he missed seeing his cat sitters once I returned home! If you are looking for a pet sitter who you can trust wholeheartedly, look no further than Fuzzy Friends. They will meet your every need and expectation!” – DP (August 2020)
“Terri and her team are the best! We have been using her services for the past several years and are always pleased with how well our pets are cared for while we are away. I highly recommend this pet sitting service!” – Desiree (2019)
“We use Fuzzy Friends both for cat sitting when we are out of town and to walk our dog if we can’t be home during the day. They are wonderful to work with. Very responsive and have even been able to accommodate last-minute changes when we needed it. I love knowing my pets are in good hands when we can’t be with them.” – Kristin (2019)
“I have been using Fuzzy Friends services for a while now, they are wonderful. I have a dog that does not eat when I am gone, but the sitter was able to get him to eat, that is worth a lot in my book. My dogs and cats just love them and my dogs are not friendly with just anyone. They are very conscientious, makes sure your pets are well cared for. I will not trust my beloved pets to anyone else.” – Toni (2018)