Pet Sitting Services

       All of our Petsitting packages include these things:

  • Fresh food and water ~ we are familiar with feeding dry, canned, freeze dried or raw foods to pets
  • Exercise ~ playing, walking and/or games like fetch, Frisbee, tug, etc.
  • Medication Administration
  • Pet Home Cleaning ~ such as picking up hairballs, cleaning up accidents or changing diapers and pads
  • Home Security Check ~ we will check the doors and windows, and make sure the home is secure
  • Poop scoop, litterbox and cage cleaning
  • Watering Houseplants
  • Picking up and/or bringing in mail, newspaper and packages
  • Moving garbage and recycling cans to and from curb 

    Also, to deter burglars we will:
  • Rotate lighting, inside and out
  • Open and close blinds and curtains
  • Turn radio and TV on and off

 Service        Time       Cost           Notes      Description
 Initial Consultation                      30-60 min  Free
The consultation with a senior staff member is when we meet the family and pets, discuss their care in detail, tour the property and answer questions.
 Pet sitter Introduction             30 min     Free Anytime a new pet sitter is assigned to a home, Fuzzy Friends will cover the cost of the introductions. 
 Additional Consultations/Visits  $15.00+ Price is based on time     Although initial consultation and introductions are free, we cannot make all "drop ins" or "stop bys" complimentary as we must compensate the sitters for their time and driving time.
 20 Minute Pet Sit 20 Min         $18.00         Per VisitNote: 20-minute visits are not offered through our entire service area, and there must be a pet sitter available for this type of visit.
 30 Minute Pet Sit 30 min  $25.00      Per visit This visit is usually just enough time to cover the basic care: meals, cleanup, some cuddle time and a security check.
 45 Minute Pet Sit 45 min  $31.00      Per visit 
This gives us time for basic care, exercise like a walk or fetch/frisbee, play and cuddle time, and a house security check.
 60 Minute Pet Sit         60 Min $36.00 Per visitThis extra long visit is appropriate when there are many pets or tasks, or the parents would just like us to spend extra play or cuddle time with their fur kids. 
 Holiday Surcharge            $10.00  Per holiday New Year Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter & Independence Day
 Retain Keys on File (2 copies)         Free Fuzzy Friends maintains a secure system for storing and managing client keys throughout and between pet sits. It is a complimentary service to add your keys to our key management system, and you can rest assured we will be able to access your pets in case of an emergency last-minute call. 
 Client Key Lockbox      $15.00 Some clients prefer to have more control over their keys, so we do offer lock boxes for sale. In this case, the clients keep their keys and leave the lockbox out for the pet sitter at the beginning of the pet sit. 
 Key Drop Off                $13.00          Per key drop off       Applies if we need to drop off a key. The cost of this service goes to the sitter for their driving expense and time.
 Key Pickup    $13.00          Per key pick up     Applies if we need to pick up a key. The cost of this service goes to the sitter for their driving expense and time.
 Supply Run    $15.00  dependent on circumstances This applies when extra supplies are needed for a sit and they are not on hand in the house. Such as food, medications, kitty litter, etc. The cost of this service goes to the sitter for their driving expense and time.
 Cancellation Fee                       25%-50%   This fee applies when a reservation is canceled at the last minute.
 Pick up Payment       Payments can be made online via the client portal at Time to Pet, or if a check must be used, the mailing address is:
Fuzzy Friends Petsitting
913 Jacinto Rd SW
Rio Rancho NM 87124
Note: If mailing a check, payment in full must be received at the company office by the first day of the pet sit.