Petsitting Services

       All of our Petsitting packages include these things:

  • Fresh food and water ~ we are familiar with feeding dry, canned, freeze dried or raw foods to pets
  • Exercise ~ playing, walking and/or games like fetch, Frisbee, tug, etc.
  • Medication Administration
  • Pet Home Cleaning ~ such as picking up hairballs, cleaning up accidents or changing diapers and pads
  • Home Security Check ~ we will check the doors and windows, and make sure the home is secure
  • Poop scoop, litterbox and cage cleaning
  • Watering Houseplants
  • Picking up and/or bringing in mail, newspaper and packages
  • Moving garbage and recycling cans to and from curb 

    Also, to deter burglars we will:
  • Rotate lighting, inside and out
  • Open and close blinds and curtains
  • Turn radio and TV on and off

 Service        Time       Cost           Notes      Description
 Initial Consultation                      30-60 min  Free
The consultation is when we meet the family and pets, discuss their care, tour the property and sign paperwork.
 Short Visit              30 min  $20.00      Per visit This visit is usually just enough time to cover the basic care: meals, cleanup, some cuddle time and a security check.
 Long Visit      45 min  $25.00      Per visit (+ $5.00 every additional 10 minutes)
This gives us time for basic care, exercise like a walk or fetch/frisbee, play and cuddle time and a house security check.
 Overnight Visit  8 hours  $65.00      Per night  
 Holiday Surcharge            $5.00  Per day New Years, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas
 Late Night/Early Morning Surcharge           $5.00  Per visit     This charge applies to visits before 7am or after 9pm.
 Key Transfer    $5.00          Per reservation Applies if we need to collect and drop off the keys on separate visits.
 Supply Run    $15.00  + mileage surcharge This applies when extra supplies are needed for a sit and they are not on hand in the house. Such as food, medications, etc.
 Cancellation Fee                       25%-50%   This fee applies when a reservation is cancelled at the last minute.

Dogwalking Services

       We all work so hard to keep our puppy dogs happy. But sometimes other responsibilities get in the way. That's when
       we can step in and help you out by taking your fuzzy friends out for a walk!

       There are numerous health benefits for walking your dog:
  • Walking helps to keep dogs healthy and maintain a good weight!
  • Walking offers an outlet for their excess energy! This can reduce destructive behaviors (such as chewing on your furniture), hyperactivity and general unruliness (jumping on people and furniture).
  • Walking gives your dog the attention he craves.
  • Walking can help build a timid dogs confidence.
  • Walking satisifies a dogs natural migration instincts.
  • Walking provides mental stimulation.
  • Walking provides social stimulation.
  • Walking your dogs together helps to bond them as a pack.

 Service      Time  Cost  Notes  Description
Dog Walk          30 min  $19.00  For 1-3 dogs
The Super Pooch Package                         30 min $345.00 Monthly Service Contract     For 1-3 dogsGreat for pet parents that work long hours all week, or high energy dogs or puppies that need to stretch their legs during the day. 5 midday walks per week, Monday-Friday. Average price per walk $16.50. 
 Some Fresh Air Package         30 min             $234.00 Monthly Service Contract For 1-3 dogsWe're here to help when you're short on time, but you know that your fur baby needs a change of scenery. 3 midday walks per week, Monday-Friday. Average price per walk $18.00. 

Other Services

 Service      Cost  Notes  Description
 Vet Taxi & Chaperone  $20.00  + fee for time    

 Pet Taxi Service      $15.00 one way
 $25.00 round trip
 We can pickup and deliver your pet to the groomer, day care, boarding facility or elsewhere.
 House Check (no pet care)  $15.00  per visit