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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't see your answer, then just send us a message! 

What is a professional petsitter?

A professional pet sitter is a person who cares for your pets, like their own, when you cannot be there for them. We are licensed, insured and bonded for pet sitting.

Why and who should choose Fuzzy Friends Petsitting?

We specialize in customized care with one-on-one attention for each pet. During the initial consultation we will learn as much as we can about your pets, and create a unique plan for their care, in their own home. If you want to make sure your pet gets the best and most personalized care, when you can’t be there, then give us a call.

Will you take my pets to your home or come visit them in mine?

We will come to your house to care for your pets. This means your pets stay in a familiar environment where they are most comfortable.

What will a pet sitter do during visits with my pets?

We will feed and give fresh water to your pets, exercise them, and care for your home and property. See our Services & Rates for more information.

How long will the pet sitter visit with my pets?

Our Extended Visit is 45 minutes and our Regular Visit is 30 minutes.

Do you have any minimum visit requirements?

For dogs, we require a minimum of one petsitting visit per day if the dog has an access to a yard, uses puppy pads or is litterbox trained. For most dogs, 2-3 visits per day are recommended. When we have our initial consultation, we will talk about your pet’s needs and tailor our plan to fit.

Healthy adult cats should be seen a minimum of once every other day, but we recommend at least one visit a day.

If you have other types of pets, we will discuss their care during the initial consultation.

What days of the week are you available?

We are here for you and your pets every day of the week!

When should I contact you for a reservation?

The sooner the better, especially around the holidays!

Should I call before I leave for my trip?

Absolutely! Just before you leave, call us to confirm your schedule.

Do I contact you when I’ve returned home?

Yes, this is very important. Our job is to care for your pet until you return, so we have to hear from you.

Are you available on holidays?

Yes we are available on holidays, see our Services & Rates page for more information.

Can you help me with my pet, even if I’m not out of town?

Yes, we can help. If you are stuck at work or have other commitments, and you need help caring for your pet, we can step in and lend a helping paw.

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Do you require proof of vaccinations?

Yes, adult dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. However, because a petsitting visit is in the pet's home, other vaccinations, such as Bordatella, are not necessary. If you have questions regarding your pet's vaccinations, please ask!

What if my pet gets sick or is injured?

If your pet needs medical attention, we will make every effort to take your pet to your preferred veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not available, then we will take your pet to another clinic or pet hospital.

Will you take my dogs to a dog park? 

We do not use dog parks for a number of reasons. Here is an excellent article regarding the benefits and the risks associated with dog parks. We do offer controlled walks at dog friendly parks, on leash, but never off leash.

Are there any dog breeds that you do not work with?

We do not discriminate based on breed.

My pet is on a raw diet. Do you feed raw?

Yes, we will do that.

I didn’t make it to the store to get pet food before I left, can you help? 

Yes, we can make supply runs for you. Visit our Services & Rates page for more information.

My dog is in heat, can you provide pet care for her?

Yes, we will care for her, but she should not be allowed outside without supervision.

What do you do with the house key?

We can return your keys to you after the petsit is over, or we can keep them, in a secure location, for future visits.