Dog Walking Services

       We all work so hard to keep our puppy dogs happy. But sometimes other responsibilities get in the way. That's when we can step in and help you out by taking your fuzzy friends out 
        for a walk!

       There are numerous health benefits for walking your dog:
  • Walking helps to keep dogs healthy and maintain a good weight!
  • Walking offers an outlet for their excess energy! This can reduce destructive behaviors (such as chewing on your furniture), hyperactivity and general unruliness (jumping on people and furniture).
  • Walking gives your dog the attention he craves.
  • Walking can help build a timid dogs confidence.
  • Walking satisifies a dogs natural migration instincts.
  • Walking provides mental stimulation.
  • Walking provides social stimulation.
  • Walking your dogs together helps to bond them as a pack.

 Service      Time  Cost  Notes  Description
Dog Walk          30 min  $22.00  For 1-3 dogs