Who are you?

 Shannon and I share a lifelong love of animals. Between us, we have cared for dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, goats, etc. We believe that the pets that we care for deserve the most love and attention that we can give to them. We believe in furry hugs, cuddles and kitties sharing our pillows! 

    Right now, our fuzzy family consists of Rowdy Dog, a red Welsh Pembroke Corgi, who was rescued from a car thief in Amarillo. Gustav, a little Jackhuahua (Jack Russell x, was rescued here in Albuquerque. He likes to run in circles and notifies us constantly of any activity going on outside – translation, he likes to bark at everything. Half Pint the kitty is a purebred Texas Barn Cat. We call Half Pint a miniature mountain lion, because she can be pretty ferocious for a house kitty. Whiskey and Moonshine are Half Pints "partners-in-crime", LOL. We recently rescued them from Albuquerque's Eastside Animal Shelter.

     The latest addition is Freckles the Dog. She was rescued from the middle of the road in Amarillo. She appears to be an Border Collie. She is super bouncy and tons of fun and entertainment. It’s always a joy to have an energetic puppy in a house. If only we could bottle all that energy! 

    Yes, we have a houseful of pets!

    We spoil our fuzzy family and I hope you’ll let us spoil yours, too!



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